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RashBL: Frequently Asked Questions

What is RashBL?
RashBL is the Registrars AS (autonomous systems) Servers & Hosts-Block Listing, it publishes the IP addresses of hosts, AS numbers and registrar and server Domain names. The data is discovered and compiled by community research.

Why are you doing this?
Whether it is; Spam, Malware, Phishing, Ad-ware, Spyware or other exploits, they are all hosted somewhwere. RashBL provides ongoing lists and reports, the aim is to keep web masters and users safe from potential exploitation. RashBL is a community effort and we welcome any input.

Are you testing servers, how does RashBL work?
We test and examine domains and hosts for unethical misuse or harmful material. Any site we find that exhibits Malware, malicious script, Re-directs and fake or rogue software downloads will be added to our list along with the host and relevant information.

What lists are there?
Here at RashBL we have devised a system whereby any user can investigate the security of a host. We have compiled a vast database of AS numbers, Host ip's and registrar and server domain names, this gives the user four input fields where they can give any one of these components, if the host is in our non-secure list, all the relevant information about that host will be collated and displayed i.e ip ranges, global location, AS numbers and domain names.

Help, I'm listed in RashBL.
If you are a web-master or website owner and are confused as to why your site is listed in our database? You are listed for one of two reasons, firstly you need to be absolutely certain that your site is exploit free because it is likely that your site has been found to exhibit unethical material and thus has been listed (i.e Malware, malicious script, Re-directs and fake or rogue software downloads etc).
If you are sure that your site is clean then it is likely that your host is non-secure and consequently your IP address is listed because you are in the hosts IP range. If this is the case then we strongly advise you to move your hosting account.

If you are a listed host then you have non-secure sites on your server. The only way to amend this is to fix or remove the infected sites on your server, you can then contact us at removal (at) rashbl (dot) com and if we are convinced that your servers are clean then you will be removed from our database.

How can I help RashBL?
Here at RashBL we welcome any user participation! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services please contact us at info (at) rashbl (dot) com . If you would like to help fund our cause and help us improve our service and widen the scope, any donation would be greatly appreciated, donations can be given directly from our donations page.
If you have information you think would be useful to our cause or are interested in collaborating with RashBL please feel free to contact us at support (at) rashbl (dot) com .